CH Chryslers


CH Sedan (1972 - 1974)

The VH model range also saw the introduction of the new luxury class vehicles, the "CH" range. The CH was a further 4 inches longer in the wheelbase than the VH Valiant (115 inches over 111 inches), with a total length of 197 inches. It received a unique quad-headlight front end and also a different rear end treatment, and had higher equipment levels.

The CH or "Chrysler by Chrysler" as it was named, was a four-door luxury model intended to compete with the Holden Statesman and the Ford Fairlane for the luxury car market in Australia.

Also released in October 1971 was a 2 door version of the CH which was called the Chrysler Hardtop, and shared the same wheelbase as the Chrysler by Chrysler, along with the front and rear end treatment. There was also a VH Valiant Hardtop, which had the same basic body as the CH Hardtop, but with the VH Valiant front and rear end.
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