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The Chrysler Crossfire (2004-Present)


The Chrysler Crossfire is an automobile sold by Daimler Chrysler's Chrysler marque. The car is built for Daimler Chrysler by Karmann in Germany and shares over half of its components, including most of its interior, drivetrain, and chassis, with the previous-generation (R170) Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class.

The name "Crossfire" comes as a reference to the distinctive character lines that run from front to rear through the body sides. They create a surface that is upward facing as it passes over the rear fender, but they cross mid-way through the door to form a downward facing surface as they reach the front fender.

The Crossfire is a rear wheel drive, 2-seat sports car. The standard transmission is a 6-speed manual, and a 5-speed automatic is optional. Base Crossfires, originally sold beginning in the 2004 model year, are equipped with a 3.2 L, 18-valve, SOHC V6 engine which produces 215 hp and 229 ft·lbf of torque.
Ironically, 2004 was the last year for the SLK from which the Crossfire is built. Since the 2005 model year, the SLK has been built on a platform with Vision SLR-style looks. The Crossfire remains the only car based on the older chassis. For the 2005 model year, Chrysler has unveiled both a Crossfire convertible as well as the SRT-6, a supercharged high-performance model. 



Sales of the Crossfire have been slow, with an average 230 day supply of the vehicles as of November 2005. In December, the cars were listed on to clear out inventory.

Year:           2003       2004       2005
Production: 35,700    28,000    12,500 

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